We are a web development and design agency.

agram-bagram is a design studio based in Mauritius.
We specialize in creating brands and visual identities, delivering digital strategies and developing custom websites.

agram-bagram was founded by two passionate and creative people who have been working in the digital industry for more than 19 years.

Having collaborated with various Mauritian companies throughout the years to help them elevate their web presence, we wish to put those competencies available to SME’s, artisans and people-centered businesses to help them restore their online values and position their services/ products.

Above all, we love to create connections and favour the human experience.

Our hearts light up when we see a business transform from an idea into a living brand.

What’s behind the name?
agram-bagram in the Mauritian slang can be translated by
a mix of unassorted or uncommon elements.

We started from here.

We mix technology and creativity to helps brands and businesses tell their stories in unique ways.
Our Process
  • Discovery
  • Direction
  • Design
  • Development
Each project we embark on follows the same foundational timeline —
we begin with exploration which we then transform into functional
and recognizable design that resonates with the right audience.
Nu kre ek tu nu serye,
nu pa hesite pu rekumanse,
pu ki travay la apresie.